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Secrets and Light (True Confessions)

Third Shift 2016, Saint John, NB | Eastside Culture Crawl 2016, Vancouver, BC

There is a palpable thrill in learning and sharing secrets. The confessions that make up this project have been shared anonymously with me by secret ballot, as well as online via a submission portal. Transcribed on secretarial message pads, they are strung as banners which are meant to be handled as well as read. Redacted portions of each message have been painted with thermochromic (heat-changing) pigment; the heat from a person’s hand changes the paint from black to clear revealing the full confession beneath. Selected secrets have also been made into a looping video art piece for projection. While ephemeral, the projection of confessions is heightened entirely through the medium; secrets are revealed in the midst of darkness. To date, more than 400 secrets have been collected - reveal your own secret anonymously at  Link to True Confession Videos

Light Graffiti: Illuminate/Disrupt
Light Graffiti

Third Shift 2015, Saint John, NB | Lumiere Cape Breton, Sydney, NS

"A light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence." ~ Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media

My exterior projection installations celebrate street art, graffiti and the ephemeral nature of light. While ephemeral, the performance of mark making or “tagging” through projection is heightened by its medium ; light is cast on its subject. Meaning is revealed in the midst of darkness. Smart phones and open source technology (made available by international groups such as Graffiti Research Lab and The Illuminator) have combined to produce new opportunities for urban communication and dissent. In combination, they promotes active engagement and surprise,  reinventing perceptions of the role of the artist, graffiti, and alternative uses of public space.

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